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MAXIMILIAN GEDRA is a berlin based high fashion brand created by designer & owner Maximilian Gedra. The brand was founded in 2023 and is ready to show off to the world.


In the universe of MAXIMILIAN GEDRA, we battle the outworn standards of gender norms while projecting an influential embodiment of enduring elegance. 

The guiding philosophy revolves around visualizing the beauty of bold shapes by fearlessly extending the body and pushing silhouettes to their limits. We embrace the spirit of Berlin's fashion freedom and unveil a harmonious fusion of opulent textures and timeless shapes, crafting an ode to the city's unique aesthetic. Each creation serves as an everlasting tribute to courage, embracing the influence of avant-garde design and persistent allure. 

At MAXIMILIAN GEDRA, our mission extends beyond fashion. We aspire to build an environment where everyone feels welcomed and desired, crafting an inclusive space that transcends conventional standards and challenges the art of seeing beauty in the unusual. We create extreme classics that seamlessly blend elements of the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE.

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