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Über mich


Maximilian Gedra uses exclusively vegan leather and fur of high quality and durability. We endeavor to keep up with fabric technologies by experimenting with new materials such as plant leathers to ensure we are doing our part in sustainability and animal welfare.


We produce garments slowly by hand, lovingly and carefully. Compared to mass production methods, we consume a fraction of energy and can more easily collaborate to find creative solutions for using waste materials. It also means that we have direct access to quality-control, resulting in clothing that stands the test of time.


Because of our hands-on approach to garment-making, we have the ability to customize and to make according to demand. This means our supply can directly meet our customer’s needs and avoids contributions to overconsumption and waste.

local production

Producing directly in Berlin means that our transportation of goods is lessened significantly, so our relationship with emissions is extremely low.


We send customer orders in recyclable packaging, offering a waste-free solution to online shopping. At Maximilian Gedra, single-use plastics are a thing of the past.

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